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The United Nations for the Kingdom of God is a non profit organization whose mission is to aid the homeless, educate the children, provide food for the low income and needy families, to globalize the gospel, to provide care for the elderly and children.  Our vision is to create homes, shelter, clothing, food, provide place for the communities to come together and keep our kids off the street, to foster better learning environments for our kids and to ensure that our kids grow up in a safe environment.  We can not do this with out the aid and assistance of donors like you.  We need your help.  Is there any reason you couldn't donate to help us further our cause of stamping out hunger, lack of education, and lack of child and elderly care and ensuring our kids, families and the elderly are provided meals, clothing, shelter and a safe environment?  Just a simple donation can go a long way.  Will you be one to donate and be proud to know that you have helped someone less fortunate than you?  If so, please donate now. Thank you.:)

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