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When Pen Meets Paper

Nothing inspires me to write more than when I open a new book or a fresh set of notebook paper and pen.  The ink and the new smell stimulates me and all I want to do is stop what I am doing and let the pen meet the paper.  I've been writing since I was 8 years old.  I am told since then I am a natural born writer. I am. I love writing. I am an earnest reader. I used to read from sunup to sundown but life happened, marriage kids, work, college, family you name it lol, which had me read far less than I like.  Writing?  I have so many stories in me, the world couldn't hold them all!  :)  When a story hit me, I must immediately find pen and paper or use my laptop and write it out. What I figure on being just a few lines so I can remember what the book should be about, but most of the time end up being chapters. 

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