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Rates and services are determined by the professional or the business.  We do not publish rates.  If you want to know a rate then please contact the service provider.  If you are looking for a particular service, please post your search in the forms and submission tab.  Be sure to include contact information so that the providers know how to contact you.  If you are a business please state what type of client you are looking for or what type of goods you want to promote when you fill out the forms and submissions form.




Rates for Taxes is dependent upon the type of tax(es) filed. Upon completion of taxes, fees must be paid.  Failure to pay fees for service can/will/ or may result in legal actions and if we have to go to an outside agency and attorney, you will be accessed the charge we incur. Payment is as simple as 123 PayPal.  

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Verste investments is excited about the introduction of it's new animated video series! Class of Hard Knocks. Come view this Cast of Zany characters. Ms. Stuckleberry is a no non sense teacher who rules with a strict hand. Buffy is a valley girl from California whose focused on boys, boys, boys! Chloe is a New Yorker with a caustic attitude and Jeremy is the peace maker who just wants to fit in. These College students share one adventure after another, all in a classroom setting. Life is never dull at the Class of Hard Knocks!

Whats Coming!

"The Grapevine" an animated series with an office setting and a cast of characters that are guaranteed to keep you glued to the screen. Alexis, a polish, beautiful and independent talk show hostess, her co-host, Jason who is a "get to the bottom line" kind of guy who spares no punches, Jack the queen of the rumor wheel and journalist, and the office assistant will keep you on your toes because you never know what or who their next topic is going to be.

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